Friday, October 30, 2015

10/30/15 Reflections

This week our group decided on a final idea. We decided that we would make a video raising awareness about anxiety. Our goal for this video is to show people that anxiety is something that people around the world are facing every day. The belief that anxiety is not a real issue is something that we want to abolish with this video.

Our goal is to fill out a project proposal today and finish brainstorming by next week. Once we finish brainstorming we plan to film as soon as possible. Our group has been plagued with problems in the past but we hope that this idea will work better. 

Marshmallow Reflections

Unfortunately, I was gone the day we did the marshmallow lab in this class :c Despite not being here, I still understood the principles that we learned from the marshmallow activity. The important things I should have learned from this lab are the importance of teamwork and planning. 

These principles will help me in the future because it showed our group how important it is to plan and work together. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

10/16/15 Reflections

This week our group narrowed down our ideas to two. One was a video raising awareness for the humane society and another was a video raising awareness about eating disorders. We hope that this video will be a successful tool in raising awreness and that it will run into less obstacles than our last idea.

Our goal for the week is to fill out a project proposal and begin filming our video. We expect to be done filming by Friday and begin filming the following week. Depending on how popular our video is, we will either make another video or find something else to do.

10/9/15 Reflections

This week our group faced many challenges with our plan of raising money for the humane society. Because of all the obstacles, our group is thinking about starting a new project. This project could be related to the humane society or it could be something completly different. Our ideas covered a wide range of topics, but our group has seemed to narrow them down.

Our goal for the following week will be to pick an idea and begin working on it. Once we pick an idea, we will fill out another project proposal and begin working. We hope that our new project won't run into as many obstacles as our previous one.

10/2/15 Blog Post

This week our group got slighly sidetracked with absences and playing with chalk; however, we still got a few things done. We started a sketch for our coupons and talk to people about how to potentially print and distribute them. One idea was to have them laminated; however, that idea might be too coslty. Because of being sidetracked, our group is slightly behind our projected schedule.

In order to complete our project our group will have to work more productively. Our current goal is to get the coupons done by next week and to find a date to print them. Once we print them we will try and find a way to advertiese our coupons within the shcool.

9/25/15 Reflections

This week our group spent most of the week brainstorming ideas. The principal shut down the idea of baking goods on the school premises so coming up with new ideas seemed like a hard task. Despite this, our group seems to have found a loophole on Principal Aarson's verdict. We decided to make reedmable vouchers which can be exchanged during school for a voucher which later can be used to redeem puppy chow or other baked goods at a location off school.

One challenge we could potentially face is the administration being upset with the loophole we found; however, since we aren't distrubiting any actual food on the school grounds we don't think they can do anything about it.

Unfortunately, our project has had many setbacks due to probles with the aministration. Despite this, our group is still confident that we can bounce back.

9/18/15 Reflections

This week our group decided to try and hold a bake sale to raise money for the humae society. After meeting with the principal he shut down our idea but offered some alternatives. He said that we could potentially sell lip suckers or wristbands to raise awareness and moeny for the humane society. Although he shut down the idea, our group is going to talk to him about potentally having a teacher monitor us bake on school premises.

Some alternative ideas our group though of were having a raffle or drawing booth during lunch to raise awareness; however, these ideas may be too time consuming and costly.

Next week depending on what the principal says our group will narrow down our ideas and find something to work on.

Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11/15 Reflections

       I am going to raise money and awareness towards abused animals, and animals without homes. I'm going to raise money by cooking and selling baked goods, I plan on using to money we raise to go towards the humane society, or possibly any other animal efforts out there.
      We hopefully can sell the baked goods near school get lots of students to notice and help out too, so far the feedback we had was really positive and seemed like everyone was interested in buying the snacks for helping the animals. During the pitch day students suggested we talk to the administration about potentially holding a bake sale once a week or every couple weeks.
       Once we talk to the administration we hope that we can get started with our project within the following week.